What does S.G. stand for?

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i have one. no idea what it stands for.

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    Solid Guitar apparently. That seems just so mundane it must be true!
    • Hi guys. Just joined up here to confirm that SG does indeed stand for "Solid Guitar". Also correct that the Gibson Les Paul was redesigned in 1960 from the shape we all know and love to the SG shape. The SG was originally called the "Les Paul" but after a bit of a row, Les Paul decided he didn't like the shape and wanted his name off the guitar. The very early SG/Les Pauls had "Les Paul" enscribed on the truss rod cover of the Standard model and the custom model. Around 1962 Gibson changed the designation of the guitar to SG. Since 1978, I've owned all of the old models at some point. My SG collection once stood at 18. My first SG was a walnut finished 1969/70 'bat wing' Special with 2 x P90's and tremelo. I paid £350 for it. I'm now down to 3...all pre 62 and all mint.

      Incidentally, regarding the Gibson ES330/335/345 and 355 semis. ES stands for "Electric Spanish" case anyone asks.
  • Solid Guitar

    ES stands for Electric Spanish which sounds off, but that is what it is.

    I was always curious what Gibson's RD line was lettered for... Research and Development? I once owned one.
  • S-napped a-Gain lol.

    When I was working as a luthier, we got soooo many SG with breaks at either the heel joining the body or the headstock until they added the second "heel" at the nut.
  • Les Paul's wife did not want his name on the new shape; she said it looked like "Satan's Guitar" with the sharp horns. The workers at Gibson began calling it "Satan's Guitar" as a joke. It stuck as so many nicknames do. Don't let anyone tell you it stands for "Solid Guitar". That's like Ford naming their new model automobile "Car"

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